Racetam Stacks: A Guide for Nootropic and Smart Drug Noobs

When it comes to stacking nootropics and smart drugs, some of those who have little experience with racetams share a mistaken belief about this type of brain supplement. The common prevailing notion among noot noobs is that you need to pick out just one type or racetam and then you can build your supporting cognitive enhancers around it. There are even those who believe that racetams share similar brain boosting effects and that you only need to select that type that you respond best to.

The truth however, is that each type of racetam has abilities and properties that are unique to it and you can use two or more types to enjoy the unique benefits that each racetam type has to offer. Nootropic stacks therefore can include two or more racetams along other brain supplements to get the most out of your supplementation. Stacking racetams will also make their brain-boosting properties more potent, which will be a plus, especially to those who usually require higher doses from just one type of racetam.

This guide will help you understand racetams better, choose the most suitable racetams for you, and select the best stack for your requirements. Before we go any further, let us take a quick look the types of racetams often used as nootropics and smart drugs.


While it is true that the different types of racetams share similar effects as far as memory formation and retention are concerned, they each have unique abilities, properties, and effects. This uniqueness among racetams allows you to choose the ones that will give you the results that you are gunning for. Here are the types of racetams often used for nootropic purposes and a brief look at what supplementation with the smart drugs can do for you.

PIRACETAM – Working and short term memory enhancement, improvement of learning abilities, it has anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects. Not as potent compared to other racetams.

OXIRACETAM – Better memory retention and recall (compared to Piracetam), enhanced auditory perception (it gives you a more detailed perception of sounds).

PRAMIRACETAM – Sharpened concentration and mental focus, better memory formation, enhanced communication skills, anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects, sleep regulator, it protects your brain. Fat soluble, it has a short half-life, and it has a sedating effect

– Anxiolytic effects and short term memory formation. Fat soluble and its effects wear off quickly.

NEFIRACETAM – It protects your brain, has long lasting effects, fast acting, mild and clean stimulant effects. It is not readily available and it requires a long loading phase, cycling, and consistent supplementation.

PHENYLPIRACETAM – 60 times stronger than Piracetam, improves physical performance, better focus, increased learning abilities, it protects your brain and gives you vivid dreams. Your body develops a tolerance for it rather quickly and you might also develop insomnia.

COLURACETAM – It has strong antidepressant effects, enhances visual, olfactory, and auditory perceptions; gives you sharper focus and concentration, makes you more sociable, it protects your brain. It is very expensive, supplies are very limited, has a short half-life.

Once you figure out the effects and benefits that you want from the different racetams, the next step would be to try them out to see how your body responds to the nootropic.


When trying out a particular racetam, know that the effects of racetams and most other nootropics for that matter will be subtle and gradual. Unlike the kind of buzz you get from stimulants, alcohol, or from smoking, the effects of racetams will perhaps make you say, “I think it is having an effect on me, but I’m not really sure.” Soon however, the effects will become apparent to you and the people you know. You'll be amazed at how easily you can dig up information from memory, how easier it is for you to solve problems mentally, and how much better you feel over-all.

With this in mind, you can begin taking the racetams. As you begin your supplementation regimen with your chosen racetam, make a note of the following:

1. The effects the particular racetam had on you

Granted that there effects that can be expected from each type of racetam, the effects still be different for you. Take note of the effects it had on you, the time it took for you to notice even the slightest effects, and how long the effects lasted. Compare the positive and the negative effects. If you had any unpleasant side effects, observe how long it took before the side effects were resolved.

2. The dose the works best for you

The doses when it comes to supplementing with racetams can get really tricky. Some online suppliers of nootropics make a big deal of how potent their products are. When it comes to racetams however, more does not mean better, but less also doesn’t mean more. Some users may require only a small dose, while others need a bit or much more. The trick is to find the just the right dose that hits your sweet spot. You can accomplish this by starting from the lowest effective dose of your chosen racetams (you can Google it or check out our articles on the particular racetam) and slowly work your way up until you get to the “hmmm… maybe, but I’m not sure” stage. Once you get there, add a wee bit more to the dose and you have reached your sweet spot.

3. The time it took for you to develop a tolerance for the racetam

Over time, some users may lose their sensitivity to a particular racetam. In most cases, this is because you have developed a tolerance for it. It is tempting to just increase your doses and this just might give you back the effects that you once enjoyed—for a short time at least. This is because jacking up the dose is counterproductive most of the time. Some users who increased their doses experienced the exact opposite effects that you expect from the racetams. Take note of the time it took for you to develop a tolerance for the racetam. Cycling is the best way to deal when you develop a tolerance for any nootropic. This means taking a break from the racetam for a time before resuming with the supplementation. Check out our website for articles on how to cycle nootropics.


Testing the racetams can be time consuming, but it is a necessary step to find out the ones that will best work for you. It will also be helpful to do your own research on racetams and join forums to gain a better understanding about the racetams you intend to use. Joining forums may also earn you a few helpful tips from experienced users.

Stacking is by no means easier than testing them. You need to have resolve for this part as it will be a bit more tedious. Once you have gotten past the testing stage however, you would have figured out the racetams that work for you, that by the time you are ready to create stack, you are better prepared for this task. At this point you are most likely sharper, more perceptive, and feel motivated to get see this part through..

The steps to stacking your choice of racetams are similar to the steps in testing each of them. Based on some studies and the report of some users, some racetams work better when used together and and makes their combined effects even stronger. The downside to stacking is that some users also report that the wrong combination can result in unpleasant effects.

When you begin stacking your racetams, you will need to take notes once again. Pay attention to the following:

a. The effects. It will be a good idea not to have any solid expectations with regards to the effects because our body have the tendency to react unpredictably to certain brain supplements, which in this case being racetams.

b. Your effective dose. Since some racetams are believed to work well together and make each other more potent, you best start once again from your least effective dose for each of the racetam that you plan on having in your stack.

c. Tolerance. You still need to be on the lookout for signs of tolerance. You may need to cycle each time you reach this stage, laying off your racetam stack for a specified span of time, enough for your system to recover its sensitivity to racetam supplementation.


Even if users react differently to a multi-racetam stack, there are some racetam stacks that generally go together well for a specific nootropic purpose. Below are some of the racetam combinations to meet a desired effect. It should be noted that the racetam stacks suggested here are already expected to give you cognitive enhancing effects on memory, learning abilities, logical reasoning, and verbal fluency. What will be discussed with the stacks are the unique benefits from the particular combination.


Most of those who use this combination do so in order to increase their ability to focus. This stack will be helpful if you need sharper concentration when studying for an exam and or preparing for a job interview and you want to block out any distractions. Individuals suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may also benefit from this combo.



This combination has potent cognitive enhancing effects and at the same time, it can also help stabilize your mood. If you are prone to having anxiety attacks or bouts of depression, this three racetam combo will help you a great deal. It can also help with your motivation, allowing you to accomplish and complete tasks.



If you are the active and train regularly, this combination will help improve your physical performance. Phenylpiracetam has the ability to help endurance athletes to perform better. This is the same reason why it is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from major international sports competitions. The slight stimulant effect of Nefiracetam on the other hand, will give you additional focus and pump while training. This combo can be taken together with pre-workout supplements. It should be noted however that Nefiracetam can potentiate the effects of caffeine, which is a common component in pre-workout supplements.



These two racetams are well-known for their neuroprotective abilities. This stack is ideal for people who are suffering from disorders that cause a decline in mental functions. Such conditions include aging, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. In theory, it can also help recovering smokers, drug addicts, and alcoholics, especially when taken with other smart drugs that promote neural stem growth like NSI-189. Users must note also that Nefiracetam has a stimulant effect, while Pramiracetam has a sedating effect. You can use more of either in order to benefit more from either the stimulator or sedating effects, or you can tweak their dosages in order to negate the effects.



Your brain can also be enhanced in the area of creativity and abstract thinking. The combination of these three racetams will help you with your focus, while making you more creative at the same time. Pramiracetam complements this added creativity by stabilizing your mood and make you feel relaxed to allow more of your creative juices to flow more freely. Phenylpiracetam helps this combo because of its ability to promote lucid dreaming. During episodes of lucid dreams, users of Phenylpiracetam report of being able come up with abstract and creative ways to handle tasks and problems.



If you are curious to know what happens if you take all types of racetams at the same time, then you are not alone or will be the first one to consider it. There have been users who are curious and bold enough to try a combination of at least four different racetams at the same time. The users who have done it were able to accomplish this by adding the different racetams one at a time, gradually decreasing the dose of the stack as another racetam was added. The effects of a racetam superstack however, are not definitive as they vary among the users. What can be said about the racetam superstack is that its effect is not much different from a stack that has only two or three racetams. Keeping the number of racetams at two or three therefore, will be less fussier and cheaper.



As if figuring the best racetams for you and determining the right combination were not complicated enough, you can still maximize the potential of your multi-racetam stack by combining it with other types of nootropics. That is of course, if you are still willing to go the extra mile to test and experiment more cognitive enhancing agents to see how it fits into your multi-racetam stack. This process can get even more tedious and there no definite way to go about it. You can go the same path with the additional nootropics in the same way that you experimented with your racetams or you can perhaps device your own plan for this.

The following brain supplements are just some of the usual components to a nootropic stack.

  • Choline (choline bitartrate, choline citrate, Alpha GPC, citicholine)
  • Omega oils
  • Vitamins
  • Niacin
  • Noopept
  • Sunifiram
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • Galantamine

To sum up, you can use two or more racetams as your main nootropic as long as you are able to determine the types that best works for you. You also need to determine if the racetams that you have chosen to use together can be stacked to give you your desired effects. While you are encouraged to read about other user experiences, never lose sight of the fact that the best experience that you can learn from is your own. Don’t forget that it is always best to consult your physician before you start supplementing on any of the substances mentioned here.


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